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Roll back the years with Natura-Viga!

Getting older brings many problems, but to many couples the lack of an active sex life is particularly distressing. In many cases, ageing alone will bring a drop in libido. The metabolism slows and the general level of activity decreases, but certain age related diseases, such as diabetes, can result in impotence.
Natura-Viga's blend of 9 natural extracts replaces lost vitality and stimulates both the nervous and glandular systems, bringing a return to long-forgotten vitality.

In a recently conducted trial over 60% of the participants were over 50. The vast majority experienced enhanced vitality, heightened awareness and a return to vigour last felt in their youth!

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Each Natura-Viga Capsule Contains:

All Natural Ingredients!

Damiana Aphrodisiaca 100mg
Used for centuries to enhance sexual performance.
A recognised sexual stimulant which contains beta-sitosterol and aromatic, stimulating oils.

Discorea (Mexican Yam) 100mg
Contains Diosgenin and DHEA which are used to improve stress management, ageing effects, fatigue and sexual function.

Panax Gingseng 90mg
Well known aphrodisiac, excellent general tonic.

Lecithin 50mg
Corrects weak sexual function - naturally occurring in male sexual fluid deficiency is likely to affect virility.

Vitamin E 20mg
Also know as the sex vitamin! Required for production of the hormone prostaglandin which is imperative for potency and strong erections.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 5mg
Contributes to general well-being and sexual vigour, lowers cholesterol and improves circulation.

Vitamin B1 5mg
Ensures excellent circulation and potency, Improves the immune system and helps fight the ageing process.

Grape Skin Extract 2mg
A key component of Natura-Viga. Recently discovered, superior antioxidant. Aids circulation and linked to the prevention of heart disease.

Peppermint 2mg

Zinc 7mg
Trace element vital for sexual maturity, regarded as the single most important mineral for sexual health.

Capsule 100mg

Feeling blitzed by your lifestyle?

Today's lifestyle plays havoc with your body, your emotions and ultimately your sex drive. The last thing you want when you are young, fit and active is a loss of sexual performance. By regularly taking Natura-Viga you will revitalise your system and your libido will reach unexpected levels. You will be able to perform for longer, stay harder and have sex far more often than you ever thought possible. Order Natura-Viga and supercharge your performance!

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